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About Me
Witchcraft, Shamanism, meditations, working with crystals and stones for their vibrations.

Favorite Music
Beatles, Styx, Man O War, Metallica, Slayer, classical music, and the 1980's music

Favorite Movies
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Wonder Woman

Favorite Books
Stephen Penczak, Raven Gramassi, Margaret Alder

General About Me
I enjoy working in the various modalities in Witchcraft,enjoy Esbats, Sabbats outside

Shout Box
May 10th


Apr 22nd

Blessed Be Mystic Wolf!

Jan 31st

Y​es, and I thank you my dear ffriend Don but from now on I'm not going to dwell solely on health issues bec-ause then I wont be able to get passed them...after that blackwolf fiasco..who woulda thunk it? I dunno, my housekeeper says it'll make me more artistic...arcane is more like it! But lets make the most of the good times & let go of the bad...most of us have split up & there's me getting to explore my own site more & also studies....hope your well also....Spring soon!


Jan 28th

Hello there RavenHeart, how are you doing?? I know you are going through a lot of health issues so I have been thinking about you. Take care!

Jan 27th

Hi Donald!

Oct 17th

D​ear Don: Hi, there...things are certainly more stable now...I sent you an invite...suddenly my coven is activa again..BUT, we need a High Priest to hang with...we are doing an online rit to the ancients for Samhain....itz in the Indian Trad so we cast a permanent Circle for daily use...I hope you'll come over & join us...

Sep 28th

Sep 26th

Happy Autumn Equinox! Do you have anything planned?

Sep 5th






Aug 17th

Hello dear Don!

   I love your page! I also enjoy talking to you! I came back here to say hello before I go to sleep! I have my cats meowing now that they have slept all day and I need to!! I hope you are enjoying the walks with yours! I love the pictures you share! Good night and Blessings dear one!

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