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May 18th

Oh, I adore your wallpaper Helela..you always have such good taste!

Feb 26th

Feb 20th

Feb 14th

Feb 14th

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Feb 13th

Feb 12th

Hi Helela. I read your message, thank you for the explanations, I am not often on the Internet.

I am going to translate you my rites soon.

I have to study the gaelic when I was a member of a group celtic, I' do not really speak it (Gaelic of it more hard than Breton) I writes a rite for the goddess Morrigù with in incantation for her in Irish Gaelic. with the French book "Parlons Gaélique" by the autor from Brittany "Patrick Le Besco" i have too "Parlons Breton" by him. And they are many web site on internet about Gaelic. 

I'll share it here. I shall translat it when it will over.

But I'm sorry for my English. I like your language, but in France i can't to speak English Everyday. I did a lot of mistake sometimes. For example the irregular Verbs in English it is hard for me. In Breton they are just 5 irregular Verbs   and in French they are not irrgular verbs, But the French it is also hard as language with grant them of time and of kinds(genres=feminine & male). 

And when we speak a language regularly it is very less, it's not hard with difficulties, we don't see any more the difficulties. It's for that. I'm not often, like other. I take my time for translat for you my disscusions. 

I look at American movies in English. I trying  to understand very well  like that.

I noticed that I does not understand quite the accents of your country. Like your Californian (i think you are Californian, i seen that somewhere)  or of the South as Texas or about others of the South. My Ear is too European. The accents of the North, i can understand better or the Canadian accent which looks like has the accent of the Breton language in Brittany. In some movies History also the accent and close to that of Great Britain. But I like to hear the various accents which there is in your language it is attractive. 

TY for your kindness. I wish you a good time here on other wold web site.

Kenavo, ken ar c'hentañ tro.

(Good bye, see you later. = in Breton)

Feb 11th

Hi Helela. I'm in Nantes today on the Irish Pub with a computer for the customers. One the Video i'm At the beginning of the step. I am alone in Kilt.

In this Tartan: 
It's the Brittany National Tartan. The white and black it's for the Gwen ha Du (Breton Flag) and the Green and blue it's for Ar Mor ha Ar Goat (the Sea and the woods, of Brittany) .
I have this book of Mara Freeman (in French) i like it.
Feb 10th

Hi Helela, i ll go to meet a old Breton Fiend to Nantes Next week end. 

So i seach around the Celtic and Breton Group of my past, i was member of the Breton group in the South of France. And i found this Video on the French web. You can saw me in Kilt (Breton natianal Tartan) and a Gwen ha Du (White and Black = the Flag of Brittany) 

i give you this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHFMB6E2m20


I like the Book of the American Autor "D.J. Conway" and the British Druidess "Mara Freeman" 

If you found the Book of the Druidess of Brittany: "Viviane Le Moullec" i thing you could like it.

But i don't know if it was printed in English? 

Kenavo, Ken ar c'hentañ tro.  

(Good bye, See you later.)

Feb 9th

Demat dit  (Hello "in Breton") You yes Brittany is very far to U.S.A 

I Brittany we have the Old Celtic costume and the Kilt. And there is various headdresses according to differents districts of Brittany.

If you want you can saw this video:


And around the travel of some Bretons in your country:





And a Pipe Band of Pont Aven in Brittany (This video is in French no Subtitle in English.)



Fin devezh mat dit Kenavo.  

(Have a nice day. Good bye.)

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