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So I needed a new purse and I chose a coffee coloured one this time bec-ause I thought it would be so neat, owning a coffee bag that doesn't get thrown out...even neater still, I put my angel in it so the only thing she'll be high on is coffee....and a wonderful, reminds my of the waitressing I usta do...little things like this make life pleasant..*smiles*

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Key To The Forest...

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  ​Happy Hallowell!

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He sounds quite knowledgable and Llewellyn's has been arouund quite some time...thanks for posting.

Sep 6th
I met him in person,very nice guy...he signed my book.he likes my curly hair..I think his hubby has curly hair too under his braids.very interesting gentleman to learn from.i met him at a Paganicon in Minnesota years ago. I think in 2013.i met a Cabbalah author,shy guy.and a hereditary witch author named Victoria,& one of the authors that works for Llewellyn's books.i wish we could go back but it's 8 hrs away and very expensive.
Sep 6th

Cool video sis!

Sep 5th

Sep 5th

Image result for folk magic pics

Sep 5th

thanks lady ..I will  try to find where i put it and post it in the topics area.Love and blessingsImage result for folk magic pics

Sep 5th

Okay dear, it's gone and I hope you repost, it was a lovely little film!

Sep 5th
Hi Raven Heart and how are you today?Im sorry but I'm not finding the x. If you find it can you please delete for me and I will post it in the topics .Thanks so much Have a wonderful day
Sep 4th

There's an X to the right side of the comment it with yer mouse & juss open a discussion where it says Add Topic, hopefully you have a copy of it before you start?

Sep 4th

how do I delete this and put it in the discussions?

Sep 3rd

Sicilian Folk Magic

Sep 3rd

Sep 3rd

Pure Prairie League -Amie (High Quality) - YouTube
Aug 27, 2008 - Uploaded by Lordismyportion
What a great song. I love the guitar work. It simply never gets old and I don't care where I am, if I hear this ...
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Cunning Craft

Aug 29th

Hedge Witchery

Aug 8th

Aug 2nd

Jul 30th

Were you signed in? That happens to me once in a while also...glad you enjoyed rule of thumb is ceremonial is high magick and making magick from the mundane is low magick....hope you hae better luck next time!

Jul 23rd

Your discussion above Low Magic is a great article!  It won't let me add a comment under the discussion itself - it says I have to be a member of the group but I am!  Lol...  Interesting group 

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